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Glass Milk Bottles for Sale

From Yesteryear Homewares

These are new, unused glass milk bottles, old fashioned jugs
in half-gallon, quart, pint and half-pint size

Also available:
extra milk bottle caps or lids, plastic milk bottle carriers for 2 half gallons,
wire carrier for 4 quarts, wire carrier for 2 half gallons,
milk bottle pour caps, bottle lids, and milk bottle brushes

Maybe because milk just tastes better when it comes from a glass milk bottle, because glass doesn't hold the odors like plastic does, maybe because you know that glass won't leak like the paper cartons do sometimes, or because glass keeps the milk colder and fresher since the air doesn't leak in, or you just like the memories it brings back from your childhood. So return with us now to those days of yesteryear...


We are taking a short hiatus from filling orders. Hope to be back in business for the holiday season.


Most of the photos below will enlarge when clicked on. The enlarged photo will pop-up in a separate browser window, so you will need to allow pop-ups for this feature to work.

Instructions for placing an order follows all of the photos.

Dimensions: 10" high, 5" by 4" wide (measurements are approximate)

Please wash
upon receipt

brew ice tea in glass milk bottles

Dave and his friends in Cranston RI like to use the half gallon glass milk bottles to brew sun tea.

Half-gallon Glass Milk Bottle or Milk Jug 64 oz

64 oz. half gallon with classic bpa-free cream or white or BPA free white plastic cap (our choice if not specified)- 48mm opening. All lids are snap on/off only.

They are also TEC (tamper evident caps) so you need to strip off of the bottom piece of plastic to reuse the caps.

Good if you want to transfer milk from plastic jugs or paper cartons to keep it fresh longer. It's rectangular so it fits well in the fridge.

There is a hand grip on one side of the bottle to make holding the bottle easier.

Do not freeze liquid in these bottles.

Made in North America:
$8.00 each.

Bottle is, but Cap is not dishwasher safe


Dimensions: 8.5 " high, 3.25 " by 3.25 " wide (measurements are pretty close to exact)

Please wash
upon receipt


Quart Glass Milk Bottle or Milk Jug 32 oz.

32 oz. square quart with classic bpa-free cream or white or BPA free white plastic cap (our choice if not specified)- 48mm opening. All lids are snap on/off only.

They are also TEC (tamper evident caps) so you need to strip off of the bottom piece of plastic to reuse the caps.

Great when you want to bring milk to the kitchen table in the morning. Or you have young children getting milk from the fridge. Perfect if you want to take a half gallon of milk and split it and make half of it chocolate milk like my mom does. Good for goat or sheep's milk when a smaller quantity is necessary.

These are the same bottles (we provided the bottles) that appeared in a recent airing of Pan Am, the ABC TV show.

Do not freeze liquid in these bottles.

Made in North America:
$8.00 each.

Bottle is, but Cap is not dishwasher safe


Dimensions: 5.5 " high, 3 " by 3 " wide (measurements are approximate)


Please wash
upon receipt

Pint Glass Milk Bottle or Milk Jug 16 oz

16 oz. with classic bpa-free cream or white or BPA free white plastic cap (our choice if not specified)- 48mm opening. All lids are snap on/off only.

They are also TEC (tamper evident caps) so you need to strip off of the bottom piece of plastic to reuse the caps.

We think these are just the cutest looking bottles and perfect for half & half.

Do not freeze liquid in these bottles.

Made in North America:
$8.00 each

Bottle is, but Cap is not dishwasher safe


Dimensions: 5" high, 2 1/4" at the base and opening (measurements are approximate)

Please wash
upon receipt

Half Pint Glass Milk Bottle or Milk Jug 8 oz

8 oz. with clear BPA free cap - 55mm opening

These are the half pint bottles some of you may remember from your school days. All lids are snap on/off only.

Do not freeze liquid in these bottles.

Made in North America:
$8.00 each

Bottle is, but cap is not, dishwasher safe

These are the exact same bottles (we provided the ones for the photo) in the winter 2012 issue of Yum for Kids.


plastic milk bottle cap for glass milk bottle

48mm cap
 1 7/8" opening
(outside edge to outside edge)
in cream (shown here)
or white
(on the half gallon
at the top of the page)















red 38 mm milk bottle cap

38mm red cap
(for smaller opening)
1 1/2" across

38mm blue milk bottle cap

38mm blue cap
(for small opening)
1 1/2" across



Milk Bottle Caps

Classic BPA-free Cap 48mm

BPA-free 48mm Tamper Evident Cap. We call it the classic cap. Fits our half gallon, quart, half liter, and pint bottle. Snaps on and off. Reusable. Not dishwasher safe.

They are also TEC (tamper evident caps) so you need to strip off of the bottom piece of plastic to reuse the caps.

A cap comes with each bottle. But you can purchase extra or just buy the caps for bottles you already own. Also the caps will stretch over time - lots of time. A few caps purchased when the need arises will ship USPS First Class mail so know you can order later too.

Made of Low Density Polyethylene with a recycle number 4. We are told by the manufacturer that the caps are BPA free.

Made in North America:
Classic BPA-free cap
Specify white or cream or we choose
25 cents each


BPA-free 38mm Cap

These caps fit a smaller opening than the bottles we sell. Measure the opening of your bottle and if it's 1 1/2 inches from outside edge to outside edge this is the cap for you. All lids are snap on/off only.

They are also TEC (tamper evident caps) so you need to strip off of the bottom piece of plastic to reuse the caps.

These caps are bpa-free 38mm caps in red and in blue. Please specify 38mm can color when ordering, if you have one.

Made in North America:
Specify 38mm cap
BPA-free Red, BPA-free Blue (our choice if not specified)
25 cents each

Please hand wash all caps - they are NOT dishwasher safe!

Dimensions: 2 1/4'' across from edge to edge

Do Not Boil - Hand Wash Only
Not Dishwasher Safe





Milk bottle caps or lids for half pint (8 oz. - new and unused - 55mm)

This is the cap that comes with the half pint bottle and is clear in color. It has a tab to make removing it easy. It is BPA-free. All lids are snap on/off only.

Caps are sold separately and in any quantity.

Please specify cap as '55mm clear' when ordering to avoid any confusion.

Made in the US:
Specify 55mm clear lid
35¢ each

made in america
Made in America


Do Not Boil - Hand Wash Only
Not Dishwasher Safe

Ruth from NY offers this tip for easier on/off:

"I run the cap under hot water for about 10 secs.  The cap pops on or off much easier this way."

Plastic Pour Caps or Lids (Pour Spouts) 48 and 38mm

Fits on all of the bottles (48mm), except the 1/2 pint. They make pouring milk much easier as you need only to remove the little red cap.

Also! Pour spouts for 38mm openings.

The caps fit snug on the bottle and can be hard to take off for little hands and those without strength.

All lids are snap on/off only.

These caps are BPA free.

Sorry they don't make the 55mm pour spout anymoer.

Made in US:
Specify pour cap
cream color only
$1.00 each

made in america
Made in America


Two half gallon carrier

Plastic Milk Bottle or Milk Jug Carriers

For 2 half gallon bottles, not quarts

They are new red plastic and will carry 2 half gallon glass milk bottles snugly and securely.

They are shipped in two pieces that snap together securely. We suggest you bring the plastic to room temperature before snapping together. It just makes the plastic a bit easier to get together.

If you take your bottles to a farm for milk this milk bottle carrier will make the job much easier.

Plastic can get brittle in the cold weather, so keep this carrier in a warm spot as much as possible.

Made in US: $5.00 each.

Not Dishwasher safe

(we won't be carrying the 4 half gallon carrier - it's just too heavy when you fill the bottles)

made in america
Made in America



wire carrier for 2 half gallons
Wire Carrier for 2 half gallons
$15.00 each

wire metal carrier for quart glass bottles
Wire Carrier for 4 quart bottles - both square quarts and round quarts.
$20 each

quart ball jars in quart wire carrier
Quart Ball canning jars in wire carrier for 4 quarts
(we don't sell the canning jars)
$20 each


2 square quart wire metal carrier
Fits 2 square quarts, not round quarts. Will also fit our pints. The cells are smaller than in the 4 quart carrier above.
$11 each


Wire metal carriers

One for 2 half gallons glass milk bottles and one for 4 quart glass milk bottles and one for 2 square quarts.

All are made in the Midwest USA. They are sturdy, but not heavy, and long lasting.

We have seen these at flea markets and they've been rusted so we suggest you protect them against the elements to prevent that from happening to your wire metal carrier.

The carrier has a black plastic handle (as seen in the photos).

The half gallons fit a bit better than the quarts (where there is more wiggle room), but the quarts are secure and won't fall out when carried.

Cell dimensions:

2 Half gallon carrier: 4" x 5" by 3 3/4" deep.

Made in the US: $15.00 each

4 Quart carrier: 4" by 4" by 3 3/4" deep.

Made in the US: $20.00 each

The bottles don't tip out because of the wire dividers between cells.

Wire carrier for 4 half gallons available our sister site.

made in america
Made in America


Also: Wire Carrier for 2 square quarts (like the quart we sell).

Will only fit the square quart and pint bottle, not round quarts. The cells are just shy of 4" square and high.

Made in the US: $11 each.







14 inches from tip to tip


All brushes are made by BrushTech of New York.

Deluxe Bottle Brush:

These brushes are made specifically to clean bottles such as our glass milk bottles. What is nice about these bottle brushes, besides being very well made, is that you can bend the wire to get at each part of the milk bottle.

The bottle brush measures 14 in. in length and cleans inside both the 1/2 gallon and quart bottle nicely. We do bend the wire handle at some odd angles to get all of the insides of the bottle but it works well. And we bend the tip of the brush to clean the bottom of the bottle better.

Made in NY:
Specify Deluxe Bottle Brush
$3.50 each

Additional Washing Brush below can be used to clean the glass milk bottles as well as the Lifefactory beverage bottles.

made in america
Made in America

foam tipped sports bottle washing brush from brushtech
12 inches from tip to tip
Metal wire does not bend like the deluxe bottle brush

foam tipped sports bottle washing brush from brushtech

Foam Tipped Washing Brushes

With these new tough, yet non-abrasive brushes, you do not need to use detergents when using hot water which may leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Ergonomically designed wide, flat handle makes for easy rotating of brush.

Works great in travel mugs, even the ones with not so wide opening. You get a nice sudsing action with a bit of detergent.

Smaller tip foam brush for the milk bottles too!

We have a version of this brush with a smaller foam tip that works very well in cleaning our half gallon, quart and pint glass milk bottles with the 48mm opening. You get a bit a spray when taking the brush out of the bottle, so be forewarned. It also has a gentle bend in it's design to reach the sides of the bottle.

Both of these brushes, in addition to cleaning travel mugs, are good for wider mouth containers, like jars, coffee mugs, and the beverage bottles etc.

Dishwasher safe

Made in NY:
Specify Sports Bottle Brush with the larger foam tip (for wide mouths like coffee mugs, travel mugs)

Specify Washing Bottle Brush for the small foam tip (for milk bottles).

made in america
Made in America

Order Info

We have No minimum order, No minimum quantity!

Read down a bit for instructions on how to order and how to pay.

We are taking a short hiatus from filling orders. Hope to be back in business for the holiday season.

Note: We have built our new website - www.YesteryearHomewares.com and have it up and running. Still no shopping cart - you still need to email in your order. Still the same items, but we have added more, including a wire kitchen basket, a 24oz hydration bottle (great for food storage) and a metal and wood vintage milk crate. Also we have two vintage milk bottles - a round quarter pint and a square half pint. So check us out at www.yesteryearhomewares.com.

Don't hesitate to email again to check on your order. You will receive an autoresponder email once you email us your order and within 2 to 3 days get another email from us with the status of your order. If you don't receive this 2nd email please check your spam folder and then call email us and we'll tell you the status of your order.

Thank you for your patience,

Barbara Odell

We are just getting started on Pinterest with our new venture: Yesteryear Homewares. We are always adding new photos some will be from our new shop, others of interest to us (vintage homewares).
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Join the conversation on our new social networking site for glass milk bottle owners. Share stories, ask questions, upload photos of your use of the bottles, start a discussion, review our products or service. We'd love you to be apart of the community.

Go to http://glassmilkbottles.ning.com/ and register. 

How to place an order for milk bottles etc.


To order:

1. Send us an email with your order: order@yesteryearhomewares.com be sure to include your shipping zip code.

To pay:

1. You can send us a check or money order (we will send you details)


2. We can send you an invoice and you can pay online via Paypal's gateway (no Paypal account needed) - we need your email to do this.


3. We can take credit cards over the phone. When you place your order give us your phone number, state that you want us to call you once it is packed, and we will do that to get your credit card info. Putting your billing and shipping address in the email is very helpful. We process our credit/debit card transactions through Paypal so you will get an receipt showing the Paypal logo. If you don't want this to happen then please send a check.

Turnaround Time:

We are a small business with limited hours to devote to this particular business. This is now a part time business and often are packing orders in our evening so email is the best way of communication. We will make every effort to process your order as quick as possible, but we are not Amazon.com. Right now we are processing orders within 3-4 business days of receiving them.

We are terribly sorry for any delay. If you tell us your deadline we will try to meet it, but it isn't always possible.

Local to Cochranville PA?

If you are or can be near Cochranville PA 19330 then you can purchase some sizes of the bottles and caps at an Amish Farm 6 days a week (never on Sunday). They also have raw milk for sale (PA licensed) as well as other food products. (see more details on their listing). They only take cash or a check payable to Steve Stoltzfus. I would suggest calling ahead to see what stock they might have in the way of glass milk bottles and caps before you go.

Their address (and this is not us, but a private farm owner):

Sunset View Pastures Farm
751 Saw Mill Road
Cochranville, PA 19330
Chester County

Steve & Katie Stoltzfus are the owners of the farm. You can leave them a message if you have a question and tell them when you can be called back (when you might answer, to speak with them directly, if need be). Their phone number is 610-593-3038.


Once your order is placed:

Paying by check or money order?

We will send you an email with details on how much and how to pay. The check must be payable to Barbara Odell and mailed to 60 Tierra Grande, Santa Fe, NM 87506.

Paying online through Paypal's gateway?

We will send you an email from 'sendmail@paypal.com'. Follow the link in the email and it will take you to a secure page on Paypal's site. If you have Paypal, login. If you don't click on the credit card icons and use your credit card, without signing up for a Paypal account.

Using your credit card over the phone?

We will process your order once it is packed and send it out on the next available business day. We use Paypal to process your credit card so you will see "Paypal" on your emailed receipt.


If we are shipping within NM you will be charged 6.875% and it will be shown on your invoice.

Tracking your shipment?

Once we are notified from Paypal that the invoice has been paid we'll put the package in the mail. You'll receive notice from USPS or UPS with a tracking number for your package. If you don't please contact us and we can initiate tracking and let you know the outcome.

Important: Please make sure that the address on your Paypal account or attached to your credit card is your current address or the address where you want the package shipped. If it is not and the item is shipped to an incorrect address you will be responsible for the $11 charge UPS will charge us to redirect your package to the right address or for the charge to resend the item via USPS when they return the order back to us. So please check that before you order from us. If you are using a check we will use the address you include in or on the envelope as the 'ship to' address. In all cases, the 'ship to' zip code must match the zip code you give to us when placing the order as that is what we use to figure the shipping cost.

When you receive your order:

Know that the packing peanuts will most likely be made of biodegradable cornstarch (though we do reuse a small quantity of packing peanuts from a local merchant), that the box was reused as were the packing air pillows. We do purchase the corrugated kraft paper packing wrap as new and that is a switch from the plastic bubble wrap we were using.

If you have any breakage during shipping please call (419.299.6726) or email at once so we can replace what has broken. We have a very good track record and breakage is rare.

Wash your bottles and caps before using them. They spend some time in a barn and dust is present. So please wash them in hot soapy water before filling them up! Do not freeze liquid or anything else in your bottles. We are not responsible if you do this and they break.

Official PayPal Seal

Shipping and Handling:

For lightweight orders we use USPS First Class Mail. Most other orders will ship UPS Ground within the US. Sometimes, depending on the weight and distance USPS Priority will give us the same rate as UPS Ground and then we will ship that way since shipping time is shorter. Unless you request overnight or 2/3 day delivery we will ship UPS Ground. It takes 5 days, not counting weekends/holidays, to reach the east coast.

Please be sure of the address you give us and is attached to your Paypal account or credit card account. Once the order has been shipped from us you, the customer, are responsible for all shipping charges incurred. If an order is refused by the customer or canceled during transit, or the address you gave us is not sufficient for delivery, you will be charged any additional fees.

Shipping can be expensive if the order is large (several bottles) and the travel distance lengthy (Florida, eastern US, and Canada). In fact, UPS raised their rates 1/1/14 by 4%. Bottles are wrapped individually in corrugated wrap and packed in peanuts and/or sealed air pillows. This no doubt increases the weight of the box, but it insures the bottles don't break.

If you have a deadline please let us know in your initial email to us and we'll advise you if we can't meet it.

Shipper Release with UPS

For larger orders we will use UPS.com as that is the most cost effective. After the holiday package stealing scene played out on the national news we are hesitant to allow 'shipper release' on the package we mail to you. If we do that and the package is stolen off of your front porch we are responsible for replacing your order. So your signature is required for packages shipped via UPS.

To help you manage your delivery better UPS.com has started a new program called UPS My Choice where you can sign up, track your package, and if you want, sign for your package online, release the UPS driver from having to get your signature. If you want to take advantaged of this service please go to UPS website and sign up before you place your order with us. And then use the tracking number we send you once you pay to track your package and manage the delivery more to your schedule.

Orders shipping out of the US:

We do accept orders from other countries. We have found that custom fees may be attached to your order once it reaches your postal office. We are not responsible for these fees, nor do we know what they are.

If you are in Canada and some other country we will ship so long as we can insure the package (and that fee is passed along to you). Shipping is so expensive that the loss of the package is only recoverable if we insure. You need to be really serious to want to pay upwards of $50-$60 to ship a couple of bottles. If you are, please place your order. Otherwise I don't have any other place to suggest to buy bottles in Europe, Australia or elsewhere. I wish I could be of more assistance with that. If anyone knows of a location out of the US please let me know and I will list it.


Contact Info:

Paying via Checks or Money Order:

Please send checks and money orders to:

Barbara Odell
60 Tierra Grande
Santa Fe, NM 87506

This is a private home. We moved from PA in August 2012. And created the entire LocalAmishFarms.com website to publicize the businessess of our Amish friends.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you receive an item in non-usable condition we will replace it. This is a rarity but an item can break during shipment. Just let us know. If you purchase the wrong item we are willing to work with you if the quantity is small. Otherwise please be sure of your purchase as we are unable to accept return of large orders. Please email us with any issues before returning your order.


Keep it cold, capped and out of the sun!

Important: To maintain the longest possible shelf life, keep milk that is in glass milk bottles cold, capped, and out of the sun. In an article in TIME Magazine from June 19, 1944 this advice was given:

"Don't let milk stand in the sun. This advice was earnestly tendered recently by chemists of North Carolina State College. Their findings: bottled milk in the sun loses 40% of its vitamin 62 (riboflavin) in an hour, 72% in three hours. In the refrigerator or even in a dark room at room temperatures it loses none at all. Milk is the chief source of riboflavin in the U.S. diet."


The Campaign for Real Milk

The Weston A. Price Foundation out of Washington DC is working on an education project called A Campaign for Real Milk. If you want info about why fresh raw whole milk from old-fashioned breeds of cows that eat green grass, silage, hay and root vegetables and not commercial feeds is better for you than check out their website: www.RealMilk.com


Milkmen Across America!

If you can't get raw whole milk but yearn for the days when the milkman came to your home and are lucky enough to live in a state where that still happens here is a website that lists, by state, dairies that offer home delivery - though not necessarily in glass milk bottles.


Found in the Oct/Nov 2007 issue of National Geographic's Green Guide

"Best Buy: Picking the Right Milk Container. Where refillable, glass is the best choice for the energy expended and overall life-cycle costs. But skip those non-refillable glass bottles - they're energy hogs." See the whole article along with a chart of energy used at their website.


This is a great article on the history of glass milk bottles with many photos.



Survey Shows Consumers Prefer Glass

  • 66% believe food and drink tastes better out of glass.
  • 74% said they believe glass is more natural than other packaging materials.
  • 63% believe using glass packaging is better from the environment than other forms of packaging.
  • 69% said they prefer to drink out of a glass bottle rather than a plastic one.
  • 69% believe packaging products in glass suggests quality.
  • 70% said I prefer the feel of glass bottles to plastic ones.
  • 76% I prefer to see glass bottles on the table rather than plastic ones.
  • 81% said glass bottles are more attractive than plastic ones.
Research carried out by Taylor Nelson Sofres between 26-24 October 2003 with a representative sample of 1014 adults.


Dairies Using Glass Milk Bottles for Milk in US (click for page to open in separate browser window)

Last Updated 8/18/15


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